Peyam-E-Iqbal Qawwali Concert Tour


LAFZ Magazine and ISRA Books are privileged to present a Qawwali tour of major cities in England to celebrate the launch of a new book, the translation into English of works by the great poet, Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Details about the concert in Birmingham:
Saturday 12th November 2016 7pm

The mac (Midlands Arts Centre)
Cannon Hill Park,
B12 9QH
Tickets £15
Tel. 0121 446 3232

The book contains 12 poems translated into English, together with the original Urdu text transliterated into the Roman alphabet, and is the work of the world’s greatest living authority on the poet, Professor M. S. Baqa.

The poems will be performed in their original language by the well-known Qawwali troop, the Hussain Brothers Ensemble. (For the uninitiated, we should explain that Qawwali is a highly-rhythmic, traditional form of Sufi Music found throughout India and Pakistan.)

The talented artists come from a distinguished ancestry, representing both the Ramur and Bhindi Bazar gharanas, who have been practising the art of Qawwali for at least five generation.