A Festival to celebrate the Poetry of the World: Stratford upon Avon, 23 – 24 April 2010

Organised jointly by the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT), and Iqbal Academy (UK), two days and nights of festivity will take place at Stratford upon Avon on Friday-Saturday, 23-24 April 2010.
Focussing this year on connections between the two great geniuses of the West and the East: William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), events at and around SBT premises will include lectures, poetry recitals, street walks, outdoor music and dance, folk spectacles – and much more.
A special, commemorative plaque, dedicated to the great Bard as well as to Iqbal, executed in graceful Urdu/Persian calligraphy (with an English translation), which has been commissioned by the Iqbal Academy (UK) in conjunction with the Iqbal Academy Pakistan, will be inaugurated by a high dignitary, in the presence of the High Commissioner for Pakistan as well as the Chairman of Iqbal Academy.
A number of artists, musicians and scholars, sponsored by the Government of Pakistan, the High Commission, the Iqbal Academy as well as the Asian professional and business communities in the UK – who are being brought out specially from Pakistan -  will stage spectacular performances to light up the occasion. The festival will be fully covered by local as well as Pakistani TV, electronic and print media. Further details and a full programme will be announced in due course
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