Meeting with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

On Friday 5th June 2009, representatives of the Iqbal Academy (UK) led by its Chairman, Professor Saeed Durrani, and accompanied by Councillor Chauhdri A Rashid, Deputy Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Deputy Lady Mayoress, Mr Murawat Hussain, Dr Jagjit Singh Taunque and Dr Zahoor Chaudhary, visited Stratford upon Avon and called on Dr Diana Owen, Director of the Birthplace Trust, and her colleagues. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the installation of an Iqbal plaque within the buildings or gardens of Shakespeare's birthplace.

Dr Owen and her colleagues offered a very warm welcome to the delegation.. At the meeting, historical writings of Shakespeare and other contemporary writers were exhibited to the representatives of the Academy. A tour of the main building and Shakespeare's house and gardens was also organised, which was much appreciated by the Academy delegates.

The representatives of the Trust showed great enthusiasm and willingness to displaying and exhibiting the Allamah's poem dedicated to Shakespeare, which had been translated into English by Professor Saeed Durrani. Various proposals and ideas were discussed about the type of display, which would be suitable for the renowned gallery, historical house or the gardens. Suggestions were also made to include proposals from the school pupils in Birmingham and/or Pakistan about the type of plaque to be displayed. The ceremony of installing the plaque could be coordinated with the Shakespeare's birthday celebrations in April 2010.

Allamah Iqbal's poem on Shakespeare , translated by Professor Durrani, was read out by Dr Paul Edmondson of the Trust. The contents of the Allamah's poem and his homage were very much praised and appreciated by the members of the Trust. The thoughts expressed in the poem were considered as an inspiring description of Shakespeare's wisdom, philosophy of life and his knowledge of the Secrets of Life. At the end of the meeting, Professor Durrani presented an illustrated biography of Allamah Iqbal in English to Dr Diana Owen as the Director of the Trust, which was agreed to be displayed in the library.  

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