Highlights of Iqbal Academy(UK) - 1987-2007

  1. 1987. Iqbal & Mysticism, International Seminar. November. (Proceeding published in Iqbal Review, Lahore: Oct-Dec 1988)
  2. 1988. Arnold Day - to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Sir Thomas Arnold in India (Aligadh). November. (Proceedings published in Iqbal Review, Lahore: April 1991)
  3. 1989. Iqbal & Hyderabad, Seminar held in London in association with the Hyderabad Association. June
  4. 1989. Iqbal Day held at Trinity College, Cambridge, in association with the Cambridge University Pakistan Students' Society . November
  5. 1990. Iqbal Seminar held at the Oriental Institute, Prague, Czechoslovakia. August
  6. 1990. Iqbal Portrait commissioned from the renowned Pakistani artist, Gulgee. Karachi. December
  7. 1991. Iqbal in Cordoba. International Conference on Iqbal held at Cordoba, Spain, in association with Islam et Occident. November
  8. 1992. Iqbal Portrait by Gulgee inaugurated at the University of Birmingham by Pakistan's Ambassador, H.E. Dr Humayun Khan. May
  9. 1992. Ahang-é Iqbal: CD containing Iqbal's Urdu and Persian poetry sung by famous Pakistani artists, launched. April.
  10. 1993. Iqbal Portrait by Gulgee installed at Iqbal's alma mater, Trinity College, Cambridge, in the presence of the painter, the Master, Professor Sir Michael Atiyah, OM, and the High Commissioner for Pakistan. November
  11. 1994. Iqbal Day celebrated at the Nehru Centre, London, in the presence of the High Commissioner for India, and Mr Gopala Krishna Gandhi, the Director of the Centre. April
  12. 1995. Iqbal & The Fine Arts: The Heritage of Islamic Creativity. International Conference & Festival, held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham. Guest of Honour: HRH Princess Sumayya of Jordan. October
  13. 1996. Navádir-i Iqbal Europe mein, book (in Urdu) by Dr Saeed Durrani on Iqbal's relics in Europe, launched in London and Birmingham. July & November
  14. 1997. Iqbal & the New Era, International Conference held at Ghent, Belgium, in association with the Iqbal Foundation Europe. November.
    Proceedings published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan (2006)
  15. 1998. Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition, held at the BBC, Pebble Mill. March
  16. 1999. Annual Iqbal Lecture given by the prominent Indian Iqbalist, Professor Jagan Nath Azad, at the University of Birmingham. October
  17. 2000. Millennium of Music: Classical (Sufi) Music of the East, in the presence of HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan, at the Symphony Hall Birmingham . October
  18. 2001. Launching of Dr S A Durrani's book: Nicholson's Translation of Iqbal's Asrár-i Khudí (Secrets of the Self), with extensive amendments in Iqbal's own hand, published by the Karachi University Press. October
  19. 2002. Some Unknown Aspects of Iqbal's Life. Lecture given by Professor Saeed Durrani at Iqbal's alma mater, Government College, Lahore. April
  20. 2003. A Quest for the Sacred: International Commemorative Seminar on Prof. Annemarie Schimmel's life and work, held at the German Embassy, London. October.
    Proceedings published by the Iqbal Academy Pakistan (2005).
  21. 2003. Navádir-i Iqbal Europe mein by Prof. Saeed Durrani; 2nd edition published by the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind), New Delhi. December
  22. 2004. Iqbal Europe mein by Professor Durrani; 3rd edition published by the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind), New Delhi. November
  23. 2005. Iqbal Day held at the Chester Beatty Centre, Dublin, in conjunction with the Pakistan Embassy. April
  24. 2005. Annual Iqbal Lecture delivered by Mr Suheyl Umar, Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan, in conjunction with the Birmingham & Midlands Institute (BMI). June
  25. 2005. Golden Age of Islamic Astronomy, lecture delivered by Dr Alan Chapman, University of Oxford, in the presence of Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, at BMI. October
  26. 2006. Launching of Spoken Urdu (a textbook for GCSE students, with 2 CDs) at the House of Lords, presided over by Lord Ahmed. June
  27. 2006. First Schimmel Memorial Lecture: 'Sufism, Christian Mysticism, and Interfaith Dialogue', delivered by the Rt Rev. Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Lord Bishop of Rochester, at the University of Birmingham. Also, launching of Professor Durrani's book: Professor Arthur J Arberry's translation of Iqbal's Gulshan-i Ráz-i Jadíd (The New Garden of Mystery ). September
  28. 2007. Launching of Spoken Urdu at the Birmingham City Council's Banqueting Suite (+ Pakistan Day music). March
  29. 2007. HE Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani Medallion, with Rasheed Butt's calligraphy, struck at Lahore. July
  30. 2008. Iqbal in Europe Centenary Conference (with Iqbal Academy Pakistan); London & Cambridge, June.